About the Divine Library

The purpose of the Divine Library is to assist people in their quest to understand the Bible.

The Bible is a collection of sixty-six books, a divine collection, written over a vast period of time in several different languages, primarily Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT). Its significance today hardly needs pointed out. It continues to dominate the best-selling book categories; it stands at the center of nearly every religious group and activity; it was at the heart of many of Western Civilization’s cultural developments such as art and music; and it continues to be the source of many controversies spanning many aspects of our everyday lives. Everything about the Bible, its history and controversy even its popularity is mystifying to both its critics and its proponents alike.

Understanding the Bible can be equally mystifying at times. Ultimately, the Bible is the historical record of God’s working with mankind; hence, its ultimate purpose is to reveal to us the significance of one historical man, Jesus Christ. But the Bible is more than just history; it is the Word of God – God’s primary revelation of Himself to mankind.

In order to understand the Bible, you need to learn its history, understand its culture, and study its language for within them is the key to understanding what it says. Questions such as: Who is writing? Who is he writing to? Why is he writing? What was going on at the time of this writing? All contain within them the answer to what is being written.

We hope that what we say and write here at the Divine Library will greatly assist you in your understanding of this Divine Library – the Bible.