First Bible Info Graphic!

I am excited to announce the completion of our first Bible Info Graphic. It is the first in our Journey Through James series.  You can view the info graphic by clicking on the link below. We plan to make all of our info graphics available for free on our website. Until then, stay tuned!

Download James the Author Infographic


Baptism & Ancient Fabrics

Although much has been made about the meaning of the Greek word baptizo, very little attention has been given to its cultural usage – primarily in the ancient fabric industry. This really is a shame since there is much to learn regarding baptism just by learning about the culture in which this word was mostly used.

The Greeks dyed fabric much like we do Easter eggs today. Photo by Christian Kadluba via

The Greeks dyed fabrics by immersing them in colored liquids for long periods of time until the fabric clearly identified with the color in which it was immersed. What a great spiritual truth can be found here when we remember that when we got baptized we identified with Christ. For a detailed article on this please read the following: